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Regularize the balance of a voucher
Regularize the balance of a voucher

How to balance a voucher to the correct amount

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If there is an error with the balance that a customer has in their voucher, it can be regularized leaving the exact amount or units that they must have.

To regularize the balance, a recharge must be made to the customer with the balance amount that is to be added or subtracted. This will adjust it to zero cost so that the cashier does not leave the cash register with a movement of money that will not be produced. 

An example would be:

This client has 200€ in their My Vouchers wallet and we want to regularize the balance to 150€.

To leave the balance at 150€, an adjustment of -50€ should be made. The following steps are to be followed: 

  1. In the Vouchers tab, Click on Voucher Refill.

  2. Fill out the highlighted fields. NOTE: The payment method is mandatory, although it will not affect the billing of the center since it is 0€. 

3. Click accept. 

To confirm that the balance is at the correct amount. In the Voucher tab of the clients file, click on Activity. 

Here is shows all of the movements of that particular voucher.

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