Refill a voucher to a customer

How to place vouchers on customers files

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When you would like to reload/refill a voucher onto a customers file, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the client in which you would like to place the voucher. 

  2. Go into the Vouchers tab. 

3. Click on Voucher Refill. A new screen will appear. 

Once you click in the recharge type field, a drop down box will appear. Selecting the type of voucher will auto complete the fields at the bottom with the date required. 

Completing the fields below with the recharge that is to be performed. 

Voucher: Is the voucher to which the balance recharge will be charged.
Refill: Is the amount of balance to be recharged in the voucher. It maybe be a recharge of units or money depending on the type of bonus.
Price: Is the actual price to be paid for the total of the reload voucher.
Product: Product to be included in the voucher charge.
Expiration: The date in which it is requested that if the balance has not been spent, it will expire regardless. This field can be left blank.

4. Select the payment method of the client. 

TO REMEMBER: To leave a voucher recharge in pending payment, the direct debit payment method must be selected. 

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