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New Instructor in the School
New Instructor in the School

Learn how to create a new coach profile in Syltek

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When a new coach joins the center and is going to provide classes, it is necessary to create their profile as an Instructor so that they can later be assigned to courses or private classes.

ℹ️ Important: An instructor must be a user of the system. Therefore, before registering the new instructor, first check that they are registered as a user in Syltek from the System / Users menu. If it is not, a new user must be created for this teacher and once registered, we will be able to register him as a teacher.

To create a new instructor:

1️⃣ Go to School > Instructors

2️⃣ Click on the New button located in the top left

3️⃣ Fill in the field with the details of the new instructor

4️⃣ Click on the Save button located in the top left

Once the changes are saved, the Sports section will appear at the bottom of the instructor's file. This field is used to register each instructor with the sport in which they teach to segment them by disciplines, so that a tennis teacher does not appear in the list of teachers when creating a padel class or course.

If we click on this new reference that has been created for us, we can put the amount charged by that instructor per hour of private class taught, in addition to specifying the products to be charged for private classes of 1, 2, 3 or 4 students.

From the availability section, we can assign each teacher the time availability they have to teach classes in our center.

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