How to link the receipt printer

How To link the ticket printer

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In order to link the ticket printer with the program, we need to be working on an Windows OS and have the ticket printed installed on our computer.

FIRST STEP: Install Printer ticket

1.- Run the file that is downloaded automatically when you open this link.

2.- Follow the installation process.

Once finished, in the lower right part of your computer taskbar the logo of a paddle ball will be shown.

So that every time the computer starts automatically, Printer ticket is executed:

1.- Click with the right mouse button on the icon of the ball.

2.- In the options, it should show "Do not start automatically"

3.- If the "Start automatically" screen is displayed, click on this option to activate it.

SECOND STEP: Configure Syltek

1.- Go to the Settings - Center, Now go to the reservation section.

2.- Check the Ticket Printer option

3.-  Mark the automatic ticket option  if you want that every time a charge is made, the printer prints the ticket.

To keep in mind: the ticket printer must be linked to all the computers you want to use to print tickets.

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