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Schedule configuration (Syltek)
Schedule configuration (Syltek)

How to create a schedule

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Do you have a special time of year approaching or a month that you would like to introduce special prices to users? If so, you will need create a new schedule to apply in the calendar. 

The first step is to make sure that the price you want to apply is configured. To check this you need to go to Settings/Services.

If the price you want is not yet configured, please follow this article to create one. 

The next step is to create the schedule. 

  1. Go to Settings/Schedules.

  2. Select an existing schedule that is similar by clicking in the reference. 

3. Click on copy and then rename your new schedule. 

4. Once saved, you will be taken to the list of available schedules. Click on the reference of the new schedule and change the below fields.

  • Description: Name can be edited again

  • Priority: The priority must be changed based on the priority of the other schedules. If you want this to have a higher priority so it takes affect in the schedule straight away, check the others and choose accordingly.

  • Recurring dates: Choose a date range in which you would like the schedule to apply and select the days of the week it applies.

  • Click on SAVE.

5. Scroll down to Opening Hours and select the court in which you would like to make the change to first.
(Hint: If all courts are going to have the same configuration then you only need to configure Court 1 and then copy the configuration to the rest of the courts.)

6. In the new screen, the fields mean the following:

  • Facility: This can stay as Court 1.

  • From: The time in which you would like this opening hour to begin.

  • Until: When this opening hour ends.

  • Product: The service (price) you either just created or you can use an existing one. 

  • Available in Internet. This must be ticked if you want users to book this court at this time. 

The "Booking" fields is where you can apply limits based on these opening hours. If you wish that these opening hours have the same configuration as the default settings, then you can leave these blank. However if you wish this court and time to have specific reservation minutes, they can placed here.

7. Repeat this step for all of the opening hours on Court 1.

8. If the hours are different for all courts, then repeat the same steps for the rest of the courts. If the hours are the same for all courts: Go back to Settings/Schedules, tick the box next to your new schedule and then click on "Copy Facility Configuration". 

9. In the new screen:
Origin: select the court you just configured and then in
Destination: select the courts you wish to copy this configuration. 

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